Chomsky is our pride and joy and the cornerstone to our program! Chomsky comes from the lines of Noam and Lola, the two that began our entire breeding program. Chomsky is stoic and regal; intelligent and eager to please. Currently, he is training to become a service dog and has far exceeded all training expectations. He truly is perfection.

*Chomsky is currently in his preliminary OFA testing period and has not been bred yet*.


Noah comes from a line of therapy dogs. Noah is a love bug and has a fond love for children. He has an exceptionally calm temperament, loves playing fetch and most days you can find him in a corner with a child reading a book to him.


Theodore is our Prince Charming. He is coveted by most service dog agencies and we are told often that his temperament is perfect! He is the most empathetic dog that we have ever owned and one of his hobbies includes staring deeply into our eyes or nudging his head onto our laps for a cuddle. He is an absolute sweetheart. Not only does he have an exceptional temperament, he also is absolutely perfect in structure with his handsome blocky head and flawlessly soft coat.



Orange is a girl that we are most proud of. She comes from the cornerstone of our program. She is from a line of therapy dogs and she too is a therapy dog. Orange lives with a physical therapist and spends her days in the nursing home. She is quite the charming girl and the patients love her.


Liberty is an extraordinary beauty with a loving personality. She is a certified therapy dog and has been volunteering at the nursing home, hospital and children’s church since she was 3 months old. Liberty’s favorite thing to do is receive hugs from children. Her friendly personality will always bring a smile to your face.


Valya came to us from Ukraine. She is absolutely stunning with her blocky head and exceptionally calm temperament. Valya lives with a teacher and spends her days in the classroom and children love her.


Mila came to us from a lovely family in Hungary. Mila grew up in a home with a little girl and spent most of her days helping children read. According to the family in Hungary, Mila would sit and listen to little children read. Now, Mila lives in Napa with two children. Mila is known for her calm temperament and loving spirit.


Savvy came to us from Europe and boasts an impressive pedigree with several champion titles in her bloodline. She has a very loving spirit, loyal nature and loves cuddling. Most of the days, you can find her cuddled up on the couch awaiting belly rubs.


Amelia is a fun-loving, athletic girl who is not afraid to cuddle up next to us in bed. Not only is she sensitive and caring to our lovable friends at the nursing home, but she ialso loves playing tag with the children at children's church on Sundays. Amelia is a well rounded gal and always has a smile on her face.